elyse myers

Elyse Myers is a writer and comedian who achieved mainstream recognition as a digital content creator. Elyse has been deemed “The Internet’s Best Friend” as she continues to serve her audience of more than 5M+ with her relatable stories, twisted Q&A’s over coffee, and by finding the extraordinary in seemingly ordinary moments all while creating a space to shine light on what makes life fun (though sometimes downright painful.)

Elyse draws upon her comedy inspirations (Melissa McCarthy, Chris Farley, Amy Poehler, Nate Bargetze) to share her own POV on the world as a 28-year old new mom who is extraordinarily open and vulnerable. Elyse acts as an advocate for countless topics such as body image, ADHD, anxiety, imposter syndrome and more by allowing herself to be seen in a relentlessly unfiltered and genuine way.

Before pursuing comedy full-time, Elyse worked as a web developer and brings her knowledge and love for user experience with her to this new career. Elyse currently lives in Nebraska with her husband and young son. Her recent collaborations include Aerie, Hulu, Dunkin’ Donuts, Audible, Quaker Oats, and many more.